Cashback site or app - is it safe? Why should I share my personal data with them?

Последние изменения: 10.06.2020

It's 100% safe, as cashback sites or apps don't know your personal data about your purchases (addresses, delivery, etc) nor your payment data. They receive only a cashback amount, which is automatically accrued when you go through them to the stores.

There is the only difference between your regular purchase at your favourite store or service and buying through cashback sites or apps: to get your cash back you go through them and that's all.

In fact, there is a circumstance! Be aware of cashback sites or apps which ask you pay them money for joining them. We don't claim that all of them are scammers etc., but from our point of view, this service must be free.

We're been working since 2014 and always free.

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